Legal Advisory Services

Our strength is our ability to embrace a new type of thinking and apply cutting edge legal techniques and procedures to help clients overcome the challenges of competitiveness in today’s new economic order. We see ourselves as more than just legal counsel. We are your business partners. Our focus is on helping you reduce your risk and take advantage of business opportunities that will help your business succeed.

Legal Advisory services are gaining popularity in the Jordan legal market. Outsourcing of these services has certainly become one of the growing trends in the legal profession. It lightens the workload of the firms and potentially cut costs as well. Due to complex business environments and rapidly changing business norms, companies are exposed to strict compliance needs and face new business challenges. SFAI Jordan has deep and rooted knowledge of legal norms and industry standards. Our legal advisory services help our clients to remain competitive and compliant in the current market situation. Our experts will address all aspects of your business and resolve them effectively.

Legal advisory services give assistance to the companies in the lawful matters related to their client activities, industry presence, size, and location. Our expert team of lawyers that holds sufficient experience in handling issues related to legal compliance, due diligence will serve you proficiently and legally take care of you during mergers, takeover, etc. Organizations dealing in legal advisory services will examine compliance documents and internal policies to make sure that they are implemented according to the provisions of the law.

SFAI legal Advisory Services include:

  • Corporate, Commercial and Business Law
  • Employment Law and Wrongful Dismissal
  • Contract law
  • Court system
  • Debt Collection and Enforcement
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Regulatory Compliance

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